Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Everything is available in the Brownfish On-line Store.  Many new options to choose from.  Clear, Single color, Custom Stains, all ready to order. Any model is available in any stain you see. Just order the stain job you like, then email us and let us know the model you want it in.   If you would like to order something that you don't see, feel free to email us at:  To Browse the online store, click here:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Brownfish Palm Pilot Model

Something new, something fun! You just might want to get your palm on one! Use one, use two, low and behold, the lip is over you! The New Brownfish Palm Pilot Model!

Designed for the serious bodysurfer as an extension of the hand.  Easy to swim with, good direction control, and just enough planing surface vs deep channels, to add the control you need.

Order yours today at:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Barrel Rider Model

This is what I use 90% of the time in Head High plus barrels.   Its width has been cut down 1/2" and the length 2". It now comes in at 7 1/4"x 12". The shallow channels are gone and have been replaced with the deep channels that we have been running in our other models. Test results in dreders has yielded some very positive results. It takes over for the Hobbit when the surf gets smaller, but still hollow. With that being said, it performs well in the bigger stuff too, without becoming a liability.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Hobbit

Many good bodysurfers asked, for quite some time, when I was going to come out with a small handplane/board. These are the kind of guys and girls you will see sliding along effortlessly without any type of planing device. They can use their hand or a swimming paddle and slide along better than I, using a big planing device. They truly want something that is mainly an aid to their already impressive skills. Something that won't be a liability at big Wedge or Pipeline. Here is my offering. Dubbed "The Hobbit" by my wife Rebecca. It measures 9.5" long by 7.5" wide and pretty much goes from your fingertips (at the nose) to the base of your thenar eminances(your hand).

Kolohe Andino's 2012 Tour Quiver

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Short and Fat

This is a great all around handplane. It does everything I feel a handplane should. The Short and Fat planes really well, but also keeps you really high on a steep face.  If I'm not sure which model to use in the conditions, I usually pick this one.   Measures 12" x 7.75"

Saturday, December 18, 2010


"THE BROWNFISH" is the original Brownfish Handplane. It has went through several modifications since its inception. It is shaped with a super deep single concave from the the front-middle third, through the tail. It is a good all around plane that works in most conditions, but I would lean toward one of the models with deep channels in the hollow stuff. This model works better in softer slopier waves. It is a great starter handplane for the un-initiated, but will also work well for everyone.  If you want to have just one plane to throw in your trunk along with your fins, this is the one you want. Perfect for those not-so-surfable days and also as a post-surf pick-me-up, to get your stoke back on. Don't know how many days I have gotten out of the water frustrated after surfing, only to turn it around with a nice mellow planing session.
Measures 16" x 7.75"  weight- 14oz. (approx)