Saturday, December 18, 2010


"THE BROWNFISH" is the original Brownfish Handplane. It has went through several modifications since its inception. It is shaped with a super deep single concave from the the front-middle third, through the tail. It is a good all around plane that works in most conditions, but I would lean toward one of the models with deep channels in the hollow stuff. This model works better in softer slopier waves. It is a great starter handplane for the un-initiated, but will also work well for everyone.  If you want to have just one plane to throw in your trunk along with your fins, this is the one you want. Perfect for those not-so-surfable days and also as a post-surf pick-me-up, to get your stoke back on. Don't know how many days I have gotten out of the water frustrated after surfing, only to turn it around with a nice mellow planing session.
Measures 16" x 7.75"  weight- 14oz. (approx)

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